SEO experience is a teacher that takes the test first and then teaches the lesson. Digital marketing enthusiasts in Canada are facing a crisis in terms of quality local SEO education. This lens attempts to help the former to make a more informed decision before choosing an SEO Specialist.

Although this article is written keeping Calgary in mind the principle are general and can be used if you are looking for tutoring anywhere in Canada. The Following are the things to consider once you have done your preliminary research and have a list of intuitions in your hand-

1.History of successfully completed SEO projects

Make sure you dig into the history of the company. How long has the Institute been out there? Is it registered in India? What proofs do the management provide this data? Are some of the questions you can use to dig deep.

2.Deep Comprehension of Modern SEO Techniques

This would make more sense if you have some prior knowledge of SEO. The point here is to make sure the trainers themselves are up to date with the modern day terminology. SEOBook mentions that Google changes their search algorithm over a dozen times a month. Make sure the training staff and the curriculum are up-to-date too.

3.Unrealistic Promises

Stay away from trainers who say that after their SEO training, in a week, you will have the ability to rank #1 for keywords like “book” etc.. If it’s too good to be true its simply because it’s Too Good to be true.

4.Training Methodology

This is perhaps the most important aspect to consider. Is the training textbook based or Project based? Runaway in the opposite directions if the case is the former. The net is already saturated with information on Search Engine Optimization and the last thing you need to do is pay for something that’s available for free.

5.Trainers Years of work experience

Find out how experienced your training staff is. Someone with over 8-10 years of experience will guarantee you a comprehensive and unmatched training. This also helps you in the networking possibilities the comes as a by-product. A person with such vast experience will have a lot of industry contacts that can help you when you look for a job after completion of the course

6.Training Duration

90% Institutes in Canada are textbook based and a week in duration. Stay away from them. What you need to have a grasp and solid hold in the industry live project training. One that goes at least for over 2 months. The more the better.

7.On training guidance and teacher to student ratio

How long do you have to wait when you have a query or are finding yourself in a problem? How many students share a common trainer? Questions like this will help you dig deep.

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